Charity Barry for Congress

I have been a constituent of the Second Congressional District of Wisconsin all my life, and I understand the frustration we all have when our politicians do not actively represent the needs of the people. For years, we have been represented by Mark Pocan and his Socialist Policies. It is time for our voice in Washington to be Of, By, and For the People.

Where I Stand


One year into the Biden Administration, our store shelves are empty, our small business sector is in shambles, inflation rates have diminished average Americans ability to buy gas and food on the same day! What is Pocan' response? Passing more of the same spending packages that have led to this. Our representatives in Congress need to remember that they are spending Your Money. I stand for balanced budget and responsible spending.

Election Integrity:

I believe in our Constitutional Republic! The people are the arbiters of power, not the Government. We as a nation have seen the chaos with regards to our elections. This cannot stand! That is the reason that when I am elected, I plan to introduce legislation that calls for a full forensic audit by the states following federal elections, buttressing the states' authority and bringing confidence in our election system to all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.


Our children - our nation's future - deserve better! We need academically-focused education, one that offers our children the benefits of learning how to think, rather than what to think. We need to focus our attention on the children and giving them the tools that they need to succeed and thrive. I plan to work tirelessly to bring education back to the local level, where it belongs.

Health Freedom:

The Government has zero authority in mandating healthcare decisions for any citizen. Americans have the right to decide what medical treatments they wish to have, and they have a right to make those decisions free from fear of legal, social, or economic repercussions.

Border Security:

Our immigration system is broken and as your elected leader, I will work tirelessly to bring about measures that enforce our laws while maintaining our country as a beacon of hope.

Limited Government:

Our Constitution was written to restrain government, not to embolden its overreach. It is time we get back to the fundamentals that made our country great.

Foreign Policy:

I plan to hold this administration accountable for its disastrous foreign policies in Afghanistan and others and work to rebuild our status across the globe.

Personal Security:

The 2nd Amendment is immutable. It is a right ordained by our Creator, not by government. Therefore, I will fight to remove government restrictions on the Peoples’ right to bear arms.

Why I am running

I have decided to run because America is suffering, and someone needs to stand in the gap and make a difference.

I believe that Mr. Pocan has spent his terms in office tearing down our freedoms and our values.

Do you feel like our politicians are more interested in their reelection than in helping you?

Welcome to the 2nd Congressional District, where the incumbent represents the coastal elites more than he represents you. It’s time to elect someone from a new generation to represent you.

This is my country and I believe in her, and I believe in her flag, and I’ll defend her, and I’ll fight for her and serve her.
General Daniel “Chappie” James