I am a young, patriotic American excited about the opportunity before me to run as your candidate for Wisconsin’s Second Congressional District! I believe in the core values and freedoms that this nation was founded, built, and grown on, among which are: Liberty, Responsibility, Equal Opportunity, Unity, Hard Work, Brotherly Kindness, Justice, the Value of Life, and the American Dream. I plan to fight tirelessly for these foundational principles as your representative in Washington to give you the confidence you desire in your pursuit of happiness knowing that there is a strong leader on your side! I will stand for the families and individuals all across the district – the farmers, the business owners, the moms, the school kids, the factory workers, the veterans, the list goes on and on… Every one of the constituents of the Second District will have my ear as I seek to do my best to represent you!

I was born and raised in Madison until my family moved to a rural community in 2018. I am blessed with a very close, entrepreneurial family whom I have spent my life working alongside whether it be at home, at church or in the family business. I have always had a deep love for my country and respect for those who have come before me, blazing the trails as well as fighting for the preservation of this great nation I am blessed to call my own.

The American cornerstone of strong work ethic is a core part of everything that I do, strengthened in part by the privilege of hard work in my family’s tree trimming and removal business. When I see a job that needs to be done, no matter how large or small, I have learned that personal initiative to accomplish a task is the best and most efficient way to get things done; and I have known the pride and joy of a job well done.

Therefore, the reason that I have decided to run in the 2022 Congressional race is based on the fact that America is suffering, and someone needs to stand in the gap and make a difference before all that we know and love is taken away right under our noses.

I believe that Mr. Pocan has spent the last eight years tearing down our freedoms and our values. He is hailed by the Freedom from Religion Foundation as one of the great supporters of the First Amendment of the Constitution while he works to remove the liberties of organizations all across our great nation by his support of the Equality Act, and has made attempts to further the assault on our free speech by co-authoring a letter to Mr. Zuckerberg demanding, on threat of Congressional action, that he remove the posts of those who disagree with him on matters of their personal healthcare. I will not stand idly by and let these things happen to my country, my fellow Americans.

I realize that this district is one of the democrat’s strong-holds of the country, and I have been cautioned by some that, while I have their full support, encouragement, and assistance, the likelihood of a Republican victory in the area surrounding Madison is not great; but I beg to differ. I do not think that this will be a futile effort; with the truth on my side, I believe that many eyes can and will be opened to the advantage of my representation of them in Washington. As a Madison native, I know that there are many who simply do not look any deeper into what goes on at our nation’s capitol than what the main-stream media tells them. They care about people, they care about their environment, but they just don’t understand that they are being lied to. I plan to offer them the other side of the story.

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