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Today was incredible on the campaign trail. I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with these fine Americans. All of them immigrants. All of them Americans! All of them fired up for change at all levels of government. The big takeaway I took from this meeting is that education is fundamental to our future as a nation! Constituents are concerned about the direction our schools have taken. They are concerned about our school boards and how parent voices are ignored in favor of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We were reminded of the old adage that to feed a man for a day, you can give him a fish, but you can feed him for a lifetime by teaching him how to fish. The divisive policies of the left are crippling our nation in attempt to feed the poor one day at a time, when what this nation needs is more human connection, unity, and those willing to stand beside our neighbors and teach them how to fish. Thank you so much to those that were there today. I look forward to working with you in the fight for truth!

How does this not violate the 1st Amendment? There should always be a Separation of Press and State. The press exists solely to hold our leaders accountable and inform Americans on the issues. How can we as Americans put our faith or trust in our elected leaders if the press has been incentivized against telling us the truth? This is patently un-American!!! #SeparationofPressandState

Where is Mark Pocan on this? Where is his leadership? Why is he refusing to acknowledge the massive tax that is inflation? It is crippling families across his district! Instead Pocan has been focusing all of his energy in Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation. Legislation that does nothing but increase inflation, increases taxes, further cripples an already crippled small business sector, decimated what once was a booming energy sector. This must end. Join me and together we can #RetirePocan

How much longer can Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District afford the kind of feckless and weak leadership of Mark Pocan? How much longer can Wisconsintes endure lackluster results in Washington? The tone deaf attitude Mark Pocan treats the district he has sworn to represent with has been more than enough. Join me in the #RetirePocan effort!

This is unacceptable!!! The findings in the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau report are incredibly damning. Not only did Wisconsin Election Commission improperly train its staff to conduct the 2020 General Election; it is also noted several times throughout this report that the Wisconsin Election Commission did not comply with established state election laws.

The Wisconsin Election Commission is tasked with comparing data with several other agencies to confirm established residency for voters. This report cites, of the total ballots audited, that 93.8% of voters matched with one of these other agencies. This report looked at 957,977 ballots. That means that 59,395 ballots were not confirmed using any database.

Now combine that with the Wisconsin Elections Commissions role in deactivating over 200,000 voter names from voter rolls just weeks after the election. It is safe to say that our institutions are not complying with established state law. This needs to change. It is time we elect leaders who understand the role of the people.
Read the Report

Charity Speaking

Six months and far beyond 10,000 miles later…Last evening marked 6 months from my very first speech as an exploratory candidate for the Second Congressional District of this great state that we are all blessed to call home! Looking back on that night at the Dane County Pints and Politics at Rex’s Innkeeper in Waunakee, I feel truly blessed by all that has happened since then. I met so many great people that evening – I had no idea how integral many of them would become in my campaign over the coming months! Thank you all so much for your friendship, advice, and support! it didn’t end there! Over the past six months I have met with and listened to 100’s of my future constituents.

From business owners to parent groups, from veterans to farmers, and from the elderly to the next generation of patriots, they all share the same desire – defending the American way of life how it was intended to be Mr. Pocan is in full support of ideas that directly tear down that glorious American Dream of Freedom, Opportunity, Prosperity, Liberty and Indivisibility – ideas like the Equality Act, HR-1, HR-4, The Build Back Better Plan, the Green New Deal, Critical Theory, and the list goes on and on. This is not what the people of the 2nd District want! is why we need to offer and fight for a better solution, better leadership, and better representation! This District can AND WILL be won by We the People! a doubt, there is a red wave coming over this nation! I saw it while I was volunteering with the campaign of one of Dane County’s new conservative board supervisors this summer, I have seen it all across the district in conversation with individuals, and the nation saw it in Virginia and New Jersey this past week. We have no right as Americans to simply ride that wave and bear the fruit of the labors of other fellow conservatives. It is our duty, our responsibility to build it and grow it and push it as far as we can RIGHT HERE AT HOME! Join me in the push to bring true American Values back home to Our District and the fight to take Your Voice back to Washington, D.C.!

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Thomas Jefferson

The People have spoken. Parents the country over have stood tall in their convictions against a system that has overrun its principal design. It is in fact their right to do so as voters, as parents, as Americans! This right is guaranteed by our Declaration and our Constitution. As your representative in Washington, I will stand for the parents in my district. I will fight for their right to have ultimate say in their children’s future and I will stand fervently against any government agency that attempts to usurp this right! Parents are fighting for their children’s future, it’s time we all got in the fight! We can do this! It’s time! It’s time to Read More. #RetirePocan

Biden said unequivocally that he would not raise taxes on the middle class! He flat out lied to the American people. Inflation has always and will always be a hidden tax that harms the middle and lower classes in this country. It is time we elect leadership that puts an end to this tax and spend madness

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