I am excited to support Charity Barry for Congress, who has demonstrated she has the energy, passion, and dedication to fight for the needs of the citizens of the Wisconsin 2nd Congressional District. It is inspiring to me to see a younger person like Charity willing to step up and serve her community, state, and nation as an elected official.
Tony Kurtz
State Representative
Charity would be an amazing addition to Congress for the people of Wisconsin. She’s a problem solver not a politician.
Janel Brandtjen
State Representative, Chair of the Campaigns & Elections Committee
I am proud to support Charity because she is a strong American patriot. Charity is one of many young Americans who demand a better future, free from government overreach. She is the best candidate to represent the constituents of Wisconsin's 2nd Congressional District, and bring common sense to Washington DC.
William Penterman
State Representative
It's time for a strong conservative Republican Woman represent the good people of the 2nd Congressional District of Wisconsin. And Charity Barry is definitely that woman. I will be fighting to send a true Patriot to Washington to replace the Socialist occupying this seat today. Join me in this worthy fight because YOU the people of the 2nd Congressional deserve better. Let's send Charity to Washington in November!
Robin Moore
Wisconsin Republican Woman Leader

Charity Barry is the kind of candidate who, when inevitably encountering walls, gets to work pulling bricks, rather than retreating. She will make an outstanding Congresswoman and committed and informed educational reformer.

Dr. Duke Pesta
Educational Reformer
I’ve known Charity Barry for about 15 years. In that time, I’ve watched her grow from a young teenage girl to be a level-headed, responsible young woman. She was a bright girl, uncommonly knowledgeable about current events and geopolitical topics, and a wise manager of her money. She did very well in school and conducted herself with decorum while exhibiting the lively enthusiasm of youth. She has always held common-sense, all-American values, and opinions. She has never been swayed from these by peer pressure, changing permissive societal excesses, or for convenience or timidity. She can be bold, but cheerfully so in her convictions and what she wants to accomplish.
As a 100% disabled veteran, I can assure Wisconsin voters that Charity Barry has a deep love and respect for those who wear the uniform and defend our country. Unlike the liberal representative she is running against, who has the same respect for the lives of our military as he does for the unborn, which is to say none, she holds their service to be one of the highest callings and their lives to be as cherished as those of her own family.

My life experience tells me that THIS may be the last election cycle we have remaining to pull our country back from the brink. We will lose that last chance if we do not elect persons of dedication and principle such as Charity Barry to represent us and change the tide. No longer can we afford to give second chances to Democratic Party liberals or RINO republicans who betray us to those liberals. I think you will make an outstanding Congresswoman. The best the Republican Party has come up with in 20 years for the 2nd District. Charity Barry for Congress. She is our best and brightest hope.
Bill Rooks
Reedsburg, WI
Her enthusiasm, smile, knowledge, and faith, warm the hearts of anyone she meets. Charity is in this race to win it and will be an excellent representative for the 2nd Congressional District in Washington DC.
Nancy Bartlett
Verona, Wi
I am honored to be included in Charity Barry's list of supporters. I know she is committed to ensuring integrity in our elections.
Jefferson E. Davis
Election Integrity Champion
I hope you are elected to Congress for Wisconsin as I think you are the young, energetic, and the type of leader our nation needs right now. We need to clone you! I agree with everything you have shared on your website, and I will be donating to your campaign. Would you please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, as I believe in your platform immensely.
Douglas Taurel
American Playwright, The American Soldier
Hi Charity. I was a solid democrat. I got fed up with d$mn Dems lies.
Yasin Samadzada
2nd District Resident
Charity, when you get to the toxic swamp of the District of Corruption, may God go with you and I hope you strap on a flamethrower and a fire truck full of bleach-water.
Will Underwood
Baraboo, WI