Meet Charity

Meet Charity

As a lifelong resident of the 2nd Congressional District and a strong patriot, Charity values the Constitutional freedoms that we enjoy every day. A desire to preserve those freedoms for future generations is what drives her passion for her country and her run to serve in Washington.

Her dedication to helping others has framed her view regarding the role of the elected official as one of serving and representing her constituents. She realizes the immense responsibility she will have in Congress and is committed to serving all of the 2nd Congressional District; not special interests, top financial donors, and or even political party interests. Her priority will be listening to the voice of the People!

Having lived in both the city of Madison and rural Wisconsin, Charity understands that there are very real differences and challenges between the needs of urban and rural residents. She will bring a balanced perspective that will positively impact both urban and rural voters alike.

Coming from a small business background, Charity understands the hard work that goes into the pursuit of the American Dream. She appreciates the value of a dollar, and she has a desire to see others succeed in starting, growing, and continuing their legacies right here at home.

The residents of the 2nd Congressional are starving for real leadership. They want a representative that will lead from the front, not from the sidelines. It is time for fresh, new, and bold actions that will preserve our freedoms, while tackling the real-life, difficult issues Americans struggle with every day right here in the 2nd Congressional District!

Charity is that leader!