I Need Your Help Getting on the Ballot

Starting on Friday, April 15 I must collect a minimum of 1,000 signatures to get on the ballot. While 1,000 is the minimum we need many more than that as signatures can be rejected for a number of reasons by the Wisconsin Election Commission. A signature on a nomination form is not an endorsement, nor a promise to vote for a candidate. It only means the signer wants the candidate to be on the ballot and give voters a choice. (Click here to download a Nomination Paper.)  Sample form. 2nd District Map

To Collect Signatures Please:

  • Use the attached form as it is properly filled out.  Be sure to change the page to landscape before you print 
  • Print your name and address in the Certification of Circulator section at the bottom of the form
  • Signers may not sign the nomination paper of more than one candidate for the 2nd Congressional District
  • Sign and date each form only after you are done collecting signatures on that form
  • Collect signatures only from those who are eligible voters in the 2nd Congressional District (age 18 or older).
  • All 10 lines do not need to be completed for a sheet to be counted
  • Make sure each person provides all requested information
  • Do not number the sheets, that will be done when we turn them in.

Contact Kyle Hudson at 608.415.8779 or Kyle@charitybarryforcongress.com if you have any questions.

Mail all completed forms by May 20 to: 

Friends of Charity Barry

437 S. Yellowstone Dr., #215

Madison, WI 53719