Thank you!

I am humbled by the response I received on nomination signatures. I will be on the August 9 ballot! But please, if you have some of my nomination papers signed send them in. The more we get, the better. This is the year that Republicans can win the Second District. There is a famous quote by John F. Kennedy: “If not now, when?” There are Republican naysayers around saying Republicans cannot win this district. Ignore them. That view has allowed Mark Pocan to cruise to reelection too many times. He won’t be cruising this year!

But there are several Assembly candidates in Dane and Sauk County Assembly Districts who are still in need of signatures before June 1st. If you live in any of these districts, please sign as circulator and elector. This map will let you know which district you are in. In the legend in the top left select Assembly Districts (2022) and enter your address in the top-right text box. Mail the signed nomination paper to the address on the nomination paper. 

These candidates are:

47th District: Lamonte Newsom (McFarland & Monona) Nomination Paper

78th District: Matt Neuhaus (West Madison) Nomination Paper

79th District: Vickie Fueger (Waunakee area) Nomination Paper

80th District: Jacob Luginbuhl (South Western Dane County) Nomination Paper

80th District: Nathan Graewin  (South Western Dane County) Nomination Paper

81st District: Shellie Benish (Western Dane County and Sauk County up to Lake Delton) Nomination Paper

81st District: Bob Wood (Western Dane County and Sauk County up to Lake Delton) Nomination Paper

There are Republican candidates in many other districts, but these are the ones that are in need of signatures this week. The last date nomination papers can be turned into the Wisconsin Elections Commission is June 1.

In the 80th and 81st Districts only sign a nomination paper for one candidate. 

And if you have not sent in my nomination page there still is time: Nomination Paper   2nd District Map

Remember a signature on a nomination form is not an endorsement, nor a promise to vote for a candidate. It only means the signer wants the candidate to be on the ballot and give voters a choice.

To Collect Signatures Please:

  • Use the attached form as it is properly filled out.  Be sure to change the page to landscape before you print 
  • Print your name and address in the Certification of Circulator section at the bottom of the form
  • Signers may not sign the nomination paper of more than one candidate for the same office
  • Sign and date each form only after you are done collecting signatures on that form
  • Collect signatures only from those who are eligible voters in the district the candidate is running for 
  • All 10 lines do not need to be completed for a sheet to be counted
  • Make sure each person provides all requested information
  • Do not number the sheets, that will be done when they are turned in.

Contact Kyle Hudson at 608.415.8779 or if you have any questions.