Where I Stand

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of EVIL, is for Good Men to do nothing, as they must if they believe they can do nothing.”

~ Sir Edmund Burke
 ✔ Economics: Our representatives in Congress need to remember that they are spending Your Money I stand for a balanced budget and responsible spending. The current state of our economy and the historic inflation rates we see every day are the direct result of irresponsible budgeting and spending in Congress. I will do my best once elected to use Your Money wisely.
Education: Our kids deserve a better, more academically-focused education, which is why I intend to bring the power of our school system back to the local level, where the right decisions can be made for our children to thrive.
Health Freedom:  Government has no place mandating healthcare decisions for any citizen. I will fight for each and every American to have the liberty to to make those decisions free from fear of legal, social, or economic repercussions.
Election Integrity: I believe in our Republic! That is why I will introduce legislation that will buttress the states’ authority and bring confidence in our election system to all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.
Security: Our immigration system is broken and as your elected leader, I will work tirelessly to bring about measures that enforce our laws while maintaining our country as a beacon of hope.
Foreign Policy: I plan to hold this administration accountable for its disastrous foreign policies and work to rebuild our status across the globe.