Where I Stand

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of EVIL, is for Good Men to do nothing, as they must if they believe they can do nothing.”

~ Sir Edmund Burke

Election Integrity: I Believe in our Republic! That’s why I will introduce legislation requiring every state to conduct a full forensic audit after every federal election. The People are the arbiters of power in our country, not the government.

Border Security: Our immigration system is broken and as your elected leader, I will work tirelessly to bring about measures that enforce our laws while maintaining our country as a beacon of hope.

Limited Government: Our Constitution was written to restrain government, not to embolden its overreach. It is time we get back to the fundamentals that made our country great.

Personal Security: The 2nd Amendment is immutable. It is a right ordained by our Creator, not by government. Therefore I will fight to remove government restrictions on the Peoples’ right to bear arms.

Foreign Policy: I plan to hold this administration accountable for its disastrous foreign policies and work to rebuild our status across the globe.

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